Top 5 songs by Daddy Yankee till now/24 October/Daddy Yankee playlist/AKA MUSIC

Here comes a new videos guys with the sing king Daddy Yankee

#letsrock #daddyyankeee #pop

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Artists: Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee
Featured artist: Daddy Yankee
Album: Vida
Released: 2019
Genres: Reggaeton, Latin pop, Pop
2. Dura
Artist: Daddy Yankee
Album: Dura
Released: 2018
Genres: Reggaeton, Pop
3.Andas en Mi Cabeza
Artist: Chino & Nacho
Featured artist: Daddy Yankee
Album: Andas En Mi Cabeza
Released: 2016
Genre: Pop
4. Shaky Shaky
Artist: Daddy Yankee
Released: 2016
Genre: pop
5.Con Calma
Artists: Daddy Yankee, Katy Perry
Featured artist: Snow
Album: Con Calma
Released: 2020
Language: Spanish; English
English title: “Calmly”

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