KWEX Noticias Univision 41 a las 10 (Full), 4/25/2019

From San Antonio’s Univision O&O, a full weeknight 10:00pm newscast with promos included. The reason for uploading this is to archive the station’s current look for posterity.

They’re due to get new graphics (along with the rest of Univision’s O&Os and affiliates) in the coming weeks, that have a flat design and match the rest of the look the network has been rolling out. NYC station WXTV was the first to get this new look ( that KWEX will eventually be getting. In fact if you fast forward to 24:53 you’ll see that KWEX is already phasing in the new graphics in promos, so it can’t be much longer before these make their way to the actual newscasts. (Sadly it doesn’t appear they will be rolling out new music, I do like their current music but it is starting to sound dated).

KWEX also just launched a local news app (yes, in 2019, it took them that long to get their own app) so they are heavily promoting it. They ran the same promo four times in this whole newscast which is overkill.

As an aside I’d love to see them get a new set too while they’re at it. Their current set is almost six years old, being in place since the day they moved into their new building in 2013, and a carbon copy of WXTV’s now-old set. It’d be nice to see something like what WXTV just got if you ask me.

Anchored by Brenda Jiménez, Suheily López Belen (weather), and Johnathan Solarte (sports). Features reports filed by longtime KWEX reporter Antonio Guillén, Anuar Revuelta, Jorge Nuñez (who is usually Brenda’s co-anchor but is on assignment in Mexico at the moment) and Mónica Navarro.

López Belen is a meteorologist based at Univision’s weather hub in Houston. KWEX still does locally produced and presented weather segments on weeknights. The hub is mainly used on weekends and also in fill-in situations, which is what this night was (usual weeknight weather presenter Gabriel Torres did the 5pm show live from Fiesta and I guess they decided not to make him come back in for the 10).

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