KWEX 41 "Noticias Univision Texas Central Primera Hora" Open, 5/1/2019

Newly updated morning news open from the Univision O&O in San Antonio (and simulcast on the Univision O&O in Austin, KAKW, whose call letters are still misspelled in the open. Also what’s with the random comma after “Austin”?).

New flat look rolling out to all the other Univision O&Os that match the network’s look. These debuted today (May 1st) and took me by surprise. Was not expecting these to debut in the morning, since just last night they were still using the old look. Weather and traffic are still using the old graphics too.

Music remains the same Groove Worx theme from 2010.

Anchored by Myrna Salas and Paco Fuentes in San Antonio, Carime Hernandez in Austin and Gabriel Torres (weather).

©2019 Univision Communications and KWEX-TV, no copyright infringement intended. For educational and historical purposes only. We do not profit off of this video.

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