Cardi B Slammed By Meek Mill’s Lawyer | Hollywoodlife

Cardi B is charged and we have exclusive details on why she’s devastated. Plus – Cardi’s lawyer speaks out and somehow Meek Mill is involved. #CardiB #Offset #MeekMill

Cardi B, 25, tried to do the right thing when she turned herself in to the New York Police Department after allegedly being involved in an attack on two bartenders at a strip club, but now she’s fearing it will lead to incarceration and time away from her two-month old daughter Kulture. “Cardi is confident she’ll beat these charges and be proven innocent but it’s still really scary that jail could be on the table,” a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “The thought of that is really terrifying for her, especially because it would mean she’d be separated from her baby girl which would be heartbreaking. Cardi can’t stand to spend even one night away from Kulture so the idea of being behind bars, away from Kulture is enough to make her cry, it’s devastating.”

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Cardi B Slammed By Meek Mill’s Lawyer | Hollywoodlife

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